“Stuff Sale” Update

Posted by Suzanne - August 3rd, 2008

When:Friday, August 8th and Saturday, August 9th

Where: Cottage Lake Presbyterian Church (directions: http://cottagelakepc.org/directions/)

Time: 9AM – 4PM

Craigslist Ad: http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/gms/783480969.html

Woodinville Weekly Article: http://www.nwnews.com/editions/2008/080804/local3.htm

Well, we’re down to the last few days of getting everything together.  We cleaned out our garage to make room for things and we just filled it back up today.  Our family shuttled stuff across town all day.  We picked up some great items…couches, washer/dryer, a leather chair, and lots of kids toys.  We borrowed Melissa and Rob’s pick-up truck and got a look at their garage.  Wow…When I saw how filled their garage is, I was then thankful we cleared out ours to make room.  Melissa had told me today that other people have volunteered to bake cookies, brownies, and scones in addition to grilling hot dogs and serving soda.  Then I ran across Tina Stewart at the grocery store this evening and she told me that she has one garage side full of donations plus her horse trailer is packed!   Obviously things are happening and I haven’t been aware of the magnitude of it all.  So I urge everyone to go to the sale this weekend. 

We’re in need of volunteers to help with the sale.  Melissa’s family is coming up to help.  If you are able to help with assisting, please let me know. 

Part of the proceeds will go to Erin’s medical account that we’ve set up.  We’ve racked up a good size bill at Children’s and at the Kindering Center.  Plus Erin has weekly therapy in the pool.  This fall we are hopeful to fly back east and see Dr. Kaplan and maybe the FOP lab at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center.  Then the IFOPA will also benefit from the sale.  We’ll send them a check to go towards research and education. 

If anything else, come and see Erin.  She’ll be the one running around and happily screaming with Riley.  Those two get together and my ears begin to ring.

This is why a cure is needed.  This is a picture of her recent flare-up. 










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