A Successful First Day

Posted by Suzanne - September 15th, 2008

She did it!  Erin had her first day of preschool.  Alan drove her this morning and ended up sitting with her for about an hour.  She was not too sure about her surroundings and was quite timid with the other kids.  The teachers led the class in morning exercises and story time.  However, Erin wasn’t having any of it.  She planted herself in Alan’s lap and wasn’t getting up for nothing.  Well, at least until one of the teachers announced it was time to make play dough.  Alan said she perked up and was ready to play.  The kids helped make the play dough from scratch and Erin got to pick which food coloring to use (she chose green).  While the play dough was cooking, Erin and another child played at the sensory table.  Once the play dough was ready, she was back at the table to make animal shapes.  That’s when Alan ducked out.  The teacher sent home a note saying that Erin did very well after Alan left.  As the morning rolled on, she became more talkative and wanted to interact more.  Around noon, I gathered my daycare kids and we went out front to wait for her bus.  The bus pulled up around 12:30 and little missy was just giggling away!  The bus driver said she giggled all the way home and didn’t cry once.  Transportation opted to put Erin in a harness that she zips into vs putting her in a car seat (she’s too big for their car seats).  The harness then is hooked onto the bus seat (almost like the LATCH system for car seats).  After I got her unhooked from the bus and down the stairs, she immediately said, “Mommy I hungry.” 

She has her first school pictures on Wednesday.  Tomorrow is the first day on the bus going to school.  I should be okay, emotionally that is.  Jaiden and Riley (the two daycare children who Erin has been with since she was 5 months old) knew that Erin was going to school.  Jaiden was okay with it but to my surprise, Riley had a hard time watching Erin leave for school.  “I go get my coat.”  “I go with Erin school.”  Meanwhile huge tears were streaming down his little face.  No one was more happier to see Erin get off the bus than Riley.  Wow…they are two peas in a pod.

Check out the photos of her first day here.

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