Bus Ride

Posted by Suzanne - September 16th, 2008

Our little brave soldier boarded her bus this morning but not without tears.  As Erin and I approached the bus she was saying, “I sit in Mommy lap.”  “Come on Mommy.  We sit in bus.”  Immediately my heart began to ache just knowing that she wasn’t going to be a happy girl.  I put on her harness before the bus arrived but her morning bus isn’t adapted to use them.  We then tried the built-in car seat.  That was a no-go.  She couldn’t scoot her tush back enough to allow the seat belts to go around her.  Finally we had to just belt her in like the other kids but the bus driver used both seat belts that were in the seat. 

Oooh…it was tough.  I gave her a kiss good-bye and we got off the bus.  I suggested that Alan follow the bus but he said she would be fine.  It was hard to watch the bus pull away.  Especially hard b/c she wouldn’t look out the window towards us.  When the boys were younger they always blew kisses to me as the bus was pulling away.  Of course now that’s not cool to do so I’ve adjusted just fine without the kisses.  I hope to get kisses from Erin soon.

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