Bingo For A Cure

Posted by Suzanne - December 3rd, 2008

Another FOP family has joined up with a local civic group to host an annual bingo event to raise money for the IFOPA.  The event will be near Allentown, PA.

 Save The Date!

IFOPA Bingo For A Cure!

Tickets are on sale now! They make a great holiday gift!

Please pass on this email to everyone you know and help us find a cure! Thanks !!!!


 March 29, 2009

At the Allentown Fairgrounds, Agri-Plex Hall at 1:00pm

Tickets – $30 in advance or $35 at the door

Ticket package includes atleast one board for each game we play!

Tickets are limited so buy them early!  Last years event sold out!

All games have a CASH prize of at least $200.  Guaranteed $4000 payout.  Our grand prize will be $1000 in cash!  We will also have lots of exciting raffles, drawings and a huge chinese auction.


Refreshments will be available for purchase.  This is a non-smoking event.


BINGO sponsored by the Emmaus 4th Alarmers

All proceeds benefit the International FOP Association (IFOPA) in honor of Joshua Scoble


Joshua Scoble, of Allentown is a 2 year old little boy who was born with FOP.  Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva(FOP) is a rare genetic disease that causes his muscles to turn to bone, prohibiting him to bend at his joints.   If you would like to learn more about Joshua and FOP you can visit our NEW web site at 

With the help of funding, a cure is within reach!!!!!!!!


Tickets can be purchased at Buss Paint and Wallpaper in Emmaus or you can send a self addressed stamped envelope

with your check payable to “Bing For A Cure” to:


Buss Paint and Wallpaper

327 Main Street

Emmaus, PA 18049


If you have any other questions please email Chrissy Flexer at


We are also looking for businesses or people to sponsor the “cash” game prize money.  And we also are excepting monetary donations of any amount or items that can be used for our chinese auction.  For more info please contact me

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  1. Mom says:

    Hi, just read your blog. Jenny and I were looking for a poncho for Erin but couldn’t find one that was right for her. I thought about making one for her, but I’m glad you found one–even though it is not 100% ok. About Erin’s crying when you’re around–were you ever sick at night or away from your mom and wanted her there with you so you could cry. I have done that after my Mom being dead for 30 years–when my purse was stolen off my shoulder, I wanted my mommie. Be flattered–it’s love. Mom/Retha

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