Miranda’s preschool graduation

Posted by Karen - June 27th, 2010

Posted by Karen

A couple of weeks ago, Suzanne blogged about her daughter Erin’s preschool graduation.  On Friday, June 25, it was Miranda’s turn in the spotlight!


For the past two years, Miranda’s been attending a daycare a block from where we live, and about a year ago, the centre started up a new Montessori preschool.  We were excited to put Miranda in preschool.  The people at this centre are just excellent folks – while they were a bit nervous about Miranda’s Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, they were welcoming and fully willing to give her a great preschool experience.  As with the daycare, the province of BC pays for an extra caregiver to be there whenever she’s present, so she’s been able to be safe while doing the same things as the other kids.

Pete and I have watched with pleasure over the past year as Miranda has come home each day excited about preschool.  It’s been a real delight to see the artwork she’s done, and to talk to her about rainforests, letters, animals and all the other subjects she’s been studying.  We’ve been especially happy to see her learning to read.  Miranda’s been very motivated, since she wants to play board games with her older brother Owen which require reading ability.  ;-)

On this past Friday, the preschool held a little graduation ceremony.  The kids sang us a couple of songs, and each child got to wear a paper graduation hat.  Then, they played “Pomp and Circumstance” while each child’s name was called and the child then walked over to the teachers and was presented with a “diploma” (printed off the internet, but still!).  After that, they tossed their hats in the air in true graduation style…

Miranda with some of her classmates - she has the bright pink T-shirt and flowerd skirt.

Miranda with some of her classmates - she has the bright pink T-shirt and flowered skirt.

When the ceremony was finished, the preschool held a little potluck lunch outside (lucky thing the weather cooperated).  Miranda really liked the Jello someone brought, plus, of course, the cheese slices!  (we joke that she’s an all-dairy, all-the-time girl :-) )

Miranda with the school's owner, Gulzar, and me in behind.

Miranda with the school's owner, Gulzar, and me in behind.

And so, my little sweetheart is now raring and ready to go to school in the fall.  It will be full-day kindergarten, which she’ll be more than ready for (she’s been doing 4 full days per week for the past year).  I’m very happy with this too.  School is a part of life in which Miranda can participate just like all the other kids, and even have the chance to excel, if that’s in her nature.  To this point, lots of typical experiences have been denied to Miranda because of FOP, such as learning to ride a regular bike, taking group swimming lessons with other kids, playing street hockey in front of our house, climbing on monkey bars, and lots more.  School, however, is (mostly) about stretching and working the mind and learning social skills.  These are things which FOP interferes with to a much lesser extent than with sports and outdoor play.  This is where Miranda will have the chance to shine.

Summertime will be about fun and relaxing, but in the fall…  Look out elementary school, here comes Miranda Friz!

Miranda with Owen, getting into gear for summer...

Miranda with Owen, getting into gear for summer...

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  1. Amber says:

    All dairy, all the time? Miranda sounds like my kind of girl!

  2. Ruth says:

    Congratulations to Miranda (and her parents!). Happy summer to you all.

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