“Mom, can we go swimming? Can we PLEEEEASE?”

Posted by Karen - July 10th, 2011

Posted by Karen

Ah summertime…  It’s been a long time coming here in the lower mainland of BC.  Now that it’s finally here, Miranda’s been making the most of it.

Every day this week Miranda has asked to go swimming.  And she doesn’t just ask.  If we don’t answer in the affirmative right away, she’s RELENTLESS in pressing the point until she gets that “yes”.  ;-)  We’ve mostly let her get her way – I think we were in the pool 5 times this week, and the week’s not over yet…

I’m OK with this.  We live in a townhouse complex and happen to have an outdoor pool just across the street from our house, so summer swimming is not a huge production number.  We get our swim suits on at home, grab our towels, pool access card and Miranda’s pool noodle, and off we go. 

Swimming is also a good exercise opportunity for Miranda.  It’s pretty hard to beat for people with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva – low impact, and lots of natural cushioning when you’re moving about.  Pretty low risk for traumas which induce FOP flare-ups.

Miranda’s been working with a physiotherapist/swimming instructor once every two weeks at learning how to swim.  She’s been pretty good progress, though isn’t *quite* swimming independently.  She can push off with her legs from the side of the pool and glide on her back toward an adult, and by kicking her legs she can get some momentum going and travel several feet.  She’s also starting to do a modified doggy paddle underwater.  One of these days it will click, especially if we keep going almost every day like this!

An added motivation for swimming is that a neighbour recently passed along to us a few hand-me-down swim suits, and Miranda was DELIGHTED that a couple of them fit her…  Which of course meant she had to try them out RIGHT AWAY, ha ha.

Our typical swimming outing goes like this…  We arrive at the pool, typically some combo of me or Pete or both of us, with both kids, and Miranda wants to get in immediately.  First she floats around for a bit with her pool noodle wrapped around her (can’t use water wings, because due to her FOP arm restrictions, we can’t get wings properly onto her arms).  Next, she inevitably wants to get out, stand on the edge, and jump in with noodle wrapped around her.  A whole bunch of times… I confess I can’t handle this one myself – have too many visions of her losing her footing and cracking her head on the poolside – so I let Pete supervise her in that activity.  Anyway, then Miranda wants to lose the pool noodle for a while, and do her “pushing off and kicking over to an adult” thing.  Finally, she typically tops this off with some more noodle floating.  If any of her friends are in the pool (which frequently happens), she’ll play or talk a bit with them as well.

Miranda in swim suit and face paint from a birthday party. She LOVES to wear her swim suit!

I foresee a very watery summer ahead of us…

PS – Please make a donation to our “Ride to Cure FOP” event through the Canadian FOP Network!  On August 20, 2011, we’ll be riding our bikes to raise funds for vital FOP research.  You can donate on-line by Googling “Canada Helps”, clicking on “Giving Pages”, and entering my name, Karen Munro.  You can also mail a cheque directly to me or to the CFOPN (www.cfopn.org).  Thanks!

3 Responses to ““Mom, can we go swimming? Can we PLEEEEASE?””

  1. Geri-Lynne says:

    OMG!!!! I LOVE her bathing suit….what a cutie :)

  2. Susie says:

    Love Miranda’s longer hair – looks gorgeous! I think she and Ella are two peas in a pod – Ella harasses me DAILY to go to the pool… except we have to pay $8 to do so! Ack! We’ll all have to go to a waterpark when you visit. :)

  3. S. Hayes says:

    Tell Miranda to keep swimming. Our son, age 15, has FOP and as a freshman, was on the High School swim team this past year. He was not one of the stars on the team, but he attended all the practices, swam a few events at all of the meets and enjoyed being part of the team with all of his friends. So Miranda, keep asking your mom to go SWIMMING!

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