Ride for FOP 2011 in Vancouver!

Posted by Karen - August 21st, 2011

Posted by Karen

Saturday, August 20 marked the beginning of the Canadian FOP Network’s “Ride for FOP”!  The goal was to raise money for the Canadian FOP Network to provide funds for research into Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.  In Toronto, a team of bicycle riders set out on a trip to Niagara Falls, with a plan to arrive Sunday, August 21 and cap off the event with a picnic for riders, family and supporters.  At the other end of the country, our Vancouver based team did a different version of the Ride… 

Our team didn’t have *quite* as much ability to ride for long distances, so we selected a local park as the site for our event.  The Vancouver riding group was me, my husband Pete, our daughter Miranda, our son Owen, our cousin Julianne Kissack and all 4 of our kids’ grandparents, Malcolm and Helen Munro and Carl and Kirsten Friz.  Rocky Point Park is a gorgeous city park in Port Moody (suburb city of Vancouver), British Columbia, and sits on the shores of Burrard Inlet.  Rocky Point Park has a lovely, scenic bike trail which loops through the park for a 6 km (3.8 miles) round trip.

Our champion riders were Pete and Owen, who did the 6 km trip 4 times!  I’m pretty impressed by that – our boy, age 9.5 years, rode a full 24 km.  WOW.  :-)  However, our Miranda, who was the whole reason for our Ride, also did terrifically well.  She rode her bike, a specially adapted “Freedom Concepts” Discovery model tricycle QUITE a long ways along the trail, with me, Julianne and the grandparents walking along with her.

As we walked along with Miranda, different people split off in different groups.  At one point, it was just Julianne and me with Miranda, and our little miss rode her bike so fast that we had to run to keep up with her.  She led us on a merry chase, did our Miranda!  Of course we had to make a big deal of it, going on about how she was exhausting us, making us run out of breath, KILLING US, etc, which she thought was really, really funny and made her giggle a lot.

Miranda with Julianne

I think Miranda rode about 2 km one way and then 2 km back, which I was great for her.  Despite having a spine, shoulders and upper arms surrounded by extra bone, and thus lacking all of that musculature (which was destroyed by FOP and replaced by the said bone), Miranda is a pretty strong girl, with good stamina.  I’m very proud of how well she did on her Ride.

After finishing the Ride, we had a picnic at the park.  We had a slight glitch with the propane tank for our portable barbecue, but once we got that sorted out, we feasted with hamburgers, hot dogs, salmon burgers, fruit, chips and chocolate cake.  And what a perfect day it was for a Ride and a picnic, with beautiful blue skies and sunny weather.

Miranda with her grandmas, Baba Helen and Farmor Kirsten

The sunny weather, in fact, prompted Miranda and Owen to want to go in the Rocky Point spray park after lunch (we did bring swimsuits and towels in prep for this, LOL).  Pete went with them, and pretty soon the 3 were soaking wet from the sprinklers.  Julianne and I didn’t have our swim gear, but it was so hot that we dipped into the sprinklers a couple of times anyway.  ;-)

It was a really terrific day, and we had a great time riding and walking for FOP.  There is nothing we want more than an effective treatment for FOP, and so we are extremely grateful to all our fantastic family and friends who donated to our cause.  To everyone who donated, thank you, thank you and thank you again!  Your generosity means so very much to us.

PS – If you haven’t yet donated to our cause but still want to, it’s not too late.  To give on-line, go to www.canadahelps/GivingPages/ and enter my name, Karen Munro.  Or, you can also give or send me a cheque made out to the Canadian FOP Network.  Thanks!

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  1. Erik Joergensen says:

    As a danish cousin to “farmor” Kirsten, I should be very happy if I could have her mail-adress.
    Another cousin – Annemarie – have informed me these:
    kfriz@pacificcoast.net. Acess is available.
    Looking forward to hear from you
    Kindly regards
    Erik – Bornholm/Denmark

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