Miranda’s 7th birthday!

Posted by Karen - January 15th, 2012

Posted by Karen

Today Miranda is 7 years old.  7.  SEVEN.  I can’t believe it!  Where did the time go, and how did my girl get so big?

This whole weekend has been, as it should be, all about Miranda.  We kicked off the festivities on Friday evening by letting Miss M pick where we go for supper.  She went back and forth on the decision all day, and in the end, finally picked Boston Pizza.  That turned out to be a pretty good choice, because the waitress did her up a nice little brownie with whipped cream and gummy worms and the words “Happy Birthday Miranda” spelled out in raspberry and orange coulis and chocolate sauce.   That was such a sweet thing for her to do, and Miranda was DELIGHTED!  Neat way to start the weekend.

Next up was her birthday party, on Saturday afternoon.  Picking the venue for Miranda’s party always requires a bit of thought…  Certain places are just not good choices because of Miranda’s Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.  A jungle gym style party venue, for example, isn’t the best option, because Miranda’s arm FOP arm restrictions limit how much she can climb on things.  Bowling is also a problem – that arm thing again.  Last year we did gymnastics, which sounds on the surface like a wierd choice, but was actually great because of all the soft floor mats (ie, allowed lots of running around, which M doesn’t usually get to do because of FOP).  This year, the choice was a swimming pool party.  Miranda so loves the water…

We had a bit of a glitch at the beginning.  When we arrived, we learned that the birthday party we had arranged and paid for had somehow been booked by the city parks and recreation department at a different pool!  I still don’t know how that happened…  Fortunately, the pool we were at was very accommodating and found space for us to have Miranda’s party at that facility.  Miranda and her 6 pals swam (with lots of parent supervision) for the first hour, then went to the party room for pizza, cupcakes and presents.

OK, a plug now on the cupcakes.  Ours were made by the fabulous Amy Kelly, who does business in the Vancouver area as “Amy’s Southern Cakes”.  These little cakes were so terrific – vanilla with confetti sprinkles in the cake, and piled high with pink buttercream icing, and each cupcake had a letter on it…

In case you can't tell, the cupcakes spell out "Happy Birthday Miranda".

They were THE BEST!  The kids loved them, and a few of the kids asked for seconds (which is a real mark of approval).

Miranda and her pal (* I offered to take off the helmet, but she said she wanted to wear it. Okee dokee.)

Anyway, the girls all had a great time, and then before we knew it, the party was done.

Miranda with her mom and dad and a couple of friends

Finally, today is Miranda’s actual birthday.  She woke up to a pile of birthday presents stacked up on the dining room table, and was really excited!

Just before plowing into the gifties...

Between gifts from her friends and presents from family, I think our girl got pretty much everything she wanted.  ;-)

We’re going to round out the day with Miranda’s favourite homemade supper, macaroni and cheese with ham chunks stirred in.

Yay!  I thinks it’s been a very happy birthday.  Here’s to many more.


5 Responses to “Miranda’s 7th birthday!”

  1. helen munro says:

    Sounds like a really fun day, wish we could have been there!

    Oh and the cupcakes look fab..drool!

  2. Kelly Sanderson says:

    Ah , happy birthaday Miranda. Jasmines last party was at our local childrens animal farm which went really well. Swimming party a graet choice x

  3. Blair says:

    Fantastic – really glad you guys had such a fun day!

  4. Jelena Milosevic says:

    What a wonderful birthday! Thanks for these cute pictures! Miranda is just adorable!

  5. Lara says:

    Looks like she had a great birthday!! I think we’re going to have a glorified playdate for J’s birthday. Can’t think of any other options for a 3 year old in the winter!! He’s young enough it doesn’t matter but I’ll have to work harder at it next year ;)

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