Spring is in the air…

Posted by Karen - April 1st, 2012

Posted by Karen

Miranda’s been totally full of beans lately.  I attribute it to spring!  OK, so I griped a lot about the change to daylight savings time a couple of weeks ago, but since then, Miranda’s been a bit like the proverbial Energizer bunny.  Which is just fine – I’m not complaining.   ;-)

It probably helps that Miranda’s Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva has been quiet for a while.  She hasn’t had any new flare-ups since last September, knock-on-wood-long-may-it-continue-that-way.  In fact, we haven’t even had to give Miss M prednisone for any falls or other traumas in a few months either.  Yay!  This is all good.

Anyway, much of the fun began a few weekends ago when Miranda, her brother Owen, her dad Pete and I went for the first bike ride of the spring.  It was one of those rare but oh so glorious early spring days in Vancouver where there was NO RAIN (just imagine, wow).  Miranda got on her Freedom Concepts Discovery tricycle and Owen on his regular bike, and Pete and I followed along on foot.  We found a wonderful trail, not too far from home, which was perfect for Miranda and her bike.  Miranda had a really great time, as did we all.  I was really impressed with her stamina – she rode her bike for close to an hour, with not much by way of break time (though in fairness, Pete and I did help push her up some hilly bits).

Also recently, Miranda had her best friend from school over to play.  The girls got into the dress-up clothes, with M wearing her blue sequiny dress from last Halloween, and S wearing Miranda’s witch costume.  The girls got dancing around to a recording of Thriller from a Halloween disc we have, and I got such a funny video of it (which I would love to post, but should not as I haven’t asked permission from S’s parents to post images of their daughter on-line).  Anyway, here’s Miranda being fabulous in her dress-up dress…

Yesterday, Miranda and I baked the traditional Easter sugar cookies, complete with blue and pink icing (those being the only colours we had).  She always thinks it’s fun to stir up the ingredients, though is a bit clumsy at it and has a tendency to flip stuff out of the bowl…  Still, the end result was pretty (and yummy).

OK, I confess that these aren't actually the cookies we made this year. This is our batch from 2011. But the ones this year look JUST LIKE THIS, I swear.

Today was another bouncy day for Miranda.  She and Owen, still in their PJs, got wrestling around on the living room floor this morning, giggling up a storm.  *Caveat* – wrestling isn’t a great idea for people with FOP, but our Owen is very careful with his sister…  He’s learned from experience what’s safe for her, and never takes things too far (such a great brother).

Right now, Miranda’s off with her dad to watch Owen’s spring ball hockey assessment, no doubt asking Pete a billion questions about everything she sees at the arena (as is typical for her).  After that, Pete’s taking the kids to Tim Horton’s for donuts, which Miranda is much looking forward to – T Ho’s is a fave of hers (good Canadian girl that she is, ha ha).

Hoping very much for continued spring fun with my girl!

PS – Addendum to last week’s blog – check out the cool mini-tongs we bought for Miranda to use for eating popcorn, goldfish crackers, etc…

She just needs a wee bit of practice with these puppies...

PPS – IFOPA members, there are still a few more days to get your nominations in for the Jeannie Peeper Awards.  The JP Awards recognize extra-special contributions to the FOP community, such as big fundraising efforts, raising awareness of FOP and inspiring others with exemplary efforts.  For more details on how to nominate, e-mail me at kmlegal@shaw.ca or go to the IFOPA website at www.ifopa.org


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