Miranda, grade 2 – how can this be?

Posted by Karen - September 1st, 2012

Posted by Karen

It’s that time of year again, when kids return to school and parents alternate between being relieved and feeling dismayed about how big their kids are getting (ha ha).  That’s definitely me right now.

My daughter Miranda will be starting grade 2 on the Tuesday after Labour Day.  She’s 7.5 years old; actually closer to 8 as her birthday is in less than 5 months.  She’s gotten to be such a big girl, and I can’t understand where the time has gone (blah blah blah, but it’s really true).

Luckily for our family, Miranda is a terrific little girl.  Here’s a profile of my awesome kid…

– Miranda is, above all else, an asker of questions.  And more questions.  And more questions.  This is particularly so when we’re watching TV or a movie, or visiting a new place.  “Why did that girl just do that?  Why is that dog wearing a coat?  Why are there more black bears than grizzly bears?”  And my personal favourite (NOT!), “What are we having for supper?” (every. single. day with this one)  ;-)  All these questions are mostly fun, but sometimes can actually drive you to distraction, LOL.  Miranda’s brother Owen (3 years older), asked maybe 25% as many questions when he was this age.

– Miranda has a Maplelea doll, “Taryn” which she loves to play with.  This is a very nice doll (supposed to be a girl about age 10) with long hair, solid plastic head/arms/legs and a soft body.  Taryn also an extensive wardrobe which can be purchased piece by piece, and Miranda’s always scheming about how she can get more outfits for Taryn.  The doll dresses better than I do, I swear…

– Miranda loves to do things with her brother, especially if it involves uproarious laughter.  Yes, my kids are LOUD.

– My girl loves honey ham, cheese and milk.  She also has a powerful sweet tooth (inherited from her old mom, sigh), and would eat sugary treats all day long if we’d let her.  She is also, sadly, not good with vegetables – yams, cucumbers, lettuce and carrot sticks and that’s about it.

– Miranda really enjoys getting her face painted.  Here are a couple of recent examples…

Puppy face (cute!)


Vampire (scary)

– Miss M would go swimming EVERY DAY if she could.  She looooooooves the swimming pool, and never complains when she gets her twice monthly physio/swimming lesson.  That kid is really all about the pool.

– I wondered when Miranda was diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva whether it would be hard for her to make friends, and I worried a bit about it.  Fortunately, FOP hasn’t ultimately restricted her that way…  Miranda has a number of friends, and recently has been enjoying playing in front of our house with our neighbours Aya and Alexa (age 8 and 7 respectively).

–  Miranda has become quite particular about the clothes she wears.  She particularly likes wearing leggings with long T-shirts, and she loves her colourful tennis shoes.  Until recently, she liked her hair long, though she complained every time I tried to brush the tangles out of it.  To my surprise, however, she told me this week when we were going to get her hair cut that she wanted it short.  (!)  I was happy about this, as it will be easier to manage.  Check out Miss M’s stylin’ new do:

In addition to all this great stuff, Miranda has to deal with restrictions caused by FOP.  Her back and neck are rigid, she can move her shoulders very little, her right arm is permanently locked in an “L” shape and her left arm can’t completely straighten.  FOP has also caused scoliosis.  Additionally, M has to live her life cautiously, because any little fall or trauma could waken the FOP beast, causing pain, swelling, new bone formation and new limitations.  Progression of FOP has been quiet for a while now, with no new flare-ups for a year at this point, and we’d really like to keep it that way.  The trick is to make sure FOP doesn’t unfairly limit Miranda’s life more than it has to.

The FOP part of Miranda’s life is definitely the hardest part, and the part that gives her dad and I the most stress.  However – as I’ve said so many times before, FOP is something Miranda lives with, but isn’t defined by.  In fact, I think it’s the least interesting thing about her.  Here’s hoping our girl has a fun and interesting year in grade 2.

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  1. helen munro says:

    Nice new ‘do’! looks great!

  2. kelly sanderson says:

    Ahhh have a great year Miranda. Jasmine also lives playing with her dolls and loves changing thier clothes. Jasmine is going from Reception class into year one here in England and really looking forward to it.

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