Miranda does Christmas markets (and does them, and does them…)

Posted by Karen - December 2nd, 2012

Posted by Karen

For the past month or so my daughter Miranda, age 7, has been a serious and determined shopper at Christmas craft fairs.  I like those events myself, but after a while, I run out of steam.  Not Miranda.  Nope, this is a kid with incredible stamina for market-going…

As you know, Miranda has Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, and it’s caused muscles in her back, chest, shoulders and elbows to turn to bone.  As such, she should have reduced energy and need lots of rest to get through even day to day activities, much less events requiring lots of walking about and social interaction.  Right?  Hmm…  Apparently someone forgot to tell that to Miranda.  ;-)

In case you’re not familiar with Christmas craft fairs, a little explanation is in order.  Typically a school, church or community centre will host a market at which all kinds of craftspeople sell their handmade wares at a whole bunch of individual booths or kiosks.  These are great events for buying gifts, and also for picking up cute Christmas tree ornaments and decorations.  There are high end ones with very expensive wares (eg, Circle Craft Fair in Vancouver, which we didn’t get to this year), middle of the road ones and ones with lots of stuff for the modest budget.

We’ve been now to 4 different craft fairs.  This season’s fairgoing started in mid-November when we went to a weekend market at the Shadbolt Arts Centre here in Burnaby.  My girl and I spent quite a bit of time at that one, looking at and shopping for jewellery, pottery, fancy textiles, artwork, artisan chocolate and much more.  When we had finished it pretty thoroughly, we got in our car and started to drive home (somewhat to Miranda’s regret), when we happened to see a sign advertising a market that day at the Scandinavian Centre.  Well, Miss M took exactly zero degrees of persuasion to go to that one too…  And despite just having spent a lengthy amount of time at the other market, Miranda was keen to go through every single stall at this market, and further, to try and wheedle me to buy her some things she liked (having spent all the money in her own wallet at the other fair, LOL).

You might think that having spent the better part of an afternoon doing craft fairs, Miranda would have had her fill.  You know what?  If you thought that way, you’d be WRONG.  Last weekend we went to another fair – the supersize Dunbar Chrismas Market.  This is seriously a bigun.  The fair fills the gym in the Dunbar Community Centre, plus their basement multi-purpose room and several tooms on their upper floor.  Miranda and I went to this fair with Miranda’s grandmother, Kirsten.  We must have looked at things at HUNDREDS of stalls over a few hours, with a break for lunch in the middle.  We shopped, and shopped, and shopped some more…  And by the time we had visited every room, Kirsten and I were getting pretty tired and seriously ready to go home for a snack and rest.  Miranda, however, had other ideas.  When she realized we had finally navigated our way though every single bit, she said, slightly in horror, “Mom, we’re not going home now are we?  I don’t want to leave!  I want to stay longer!”  Apparently this kid just does NOT tire.  (NOTE – Miranda’s brother Owen, age 10 – who does not have FOP – would have been pale-faced, sweating, cranky and on the verge of complete physical collapse by this time if he had been with us.)

Finally, yesterday we went to the craft fair at my kids’ school.  This was a smaller one than the Dunbar event, but still had several dozen stalls and was a lively, hopping event with many, many shoppers.  We went pretty soon after it opened up, and true to form, Miranda was determined to look at absolutely EVERYTHING.  This fair was particularly well suited to her tastes and budget, as 95% of the products on sale were $25 or less, with lots and lots of things under $10.  Miranda was very helpful to me in picking out a number of gift items for family members, but she also spent a whole lot of time looking at various things to spend her own allowance money on for herself (ie, cute rings to wear, tree ornaments, etc).  Just like with the other two markets, Miranda had a grand old time and was reluctant to leave.  Again, as she started to perceive that we were getting close to the end, she said, “Mom, I don’t know why, but I wish we could stay here longer!  I don’t want to go home.”

Miranda, rarin' and ready to go for Christmas shopping...

What ever will Miranda do in January?  I’m going to have to find a new outlet for her energy, LOL.

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  1. Blair says:

    Get her making crafts all year, then you can have your own booth in December 2013!!! No joke!

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