Fashion = cool, FOP = boring

Posted by Karen - May 19th, 2013

Posted by Karen

My daughter Miranda is 8 years old right now, and starting to become – *GASP* – a pre-teen (where does the time go? etc).  In particular, she’s becoming quite interested in fashion.  Gone are the days when I could simply pick her clothes and she’d wear whatever I chose.  Now she wants to be an active participant not only in selecting an outfit for a given day, but also in buying the clothes in the first place.

I feel like we’re starting a new phase in Miranda’s life.  As with all the other stages she’s gone through, I’m finding this fascinating.  Of course, every parent feels that way, but when your kid has special needs, I think there’s an extra … poignancy
to the experience.  In our case, when we found out 6 years ago that Miranda has Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, I imagined (in my admittedly pain-soaked and distorted-from-reality haze) that my girl would never be like other kids, and that her life would be marked by absolutely nothing but DIFFERENCE from all other kids.  I mean, come on, a disorder which causes your muscles to turn to bone, and locks your joints?  How could a kid like that ever have normal, everyday concerns?  Yeah, that was wrong.  Totally wrong.  My daughter is just like every other girl in her grade two class.  Sure, she has FOP,
but to her that’s just like saying she has 2 cats or a tree in her backyard – ie, not terribly interesting.

And so, in the spirit of fun, and in recognition of my girl being almost a pre-teenager, I give you the Miranda fashion show…

Here we have Miranda in her schoolyard on the way to school.  Miranda particularly likes this long, pink T-shirt because she can wear it with footless tights, which are all the rage among the 8 year old set (though admittedly here she’s wearing it with
yoga pants).  As for the helmet, well, there’s the nod to FOP…  She wears that while walking on hard surfaces to protect her head in case of a fall, and in this pic, we just stepped off the sidewalk for a moment to snap a photo.  Anyway, Miranda had a hand in picking the helmet too – she likes the yellow background with pretty flowers, and she likes the fact that as it’s technically a skateboarding / cycling helmet, it has kind of  “cool” vibe.

Next up, the Brownie ensemble.  Miranda is in her third year of Girl Guides, which she loves.  This year, Girl Guides of Canada adopted a new uniform, which consists of what you see in this picture.  At most Brownie meetings Miranda doesn’t wear the sash, which has a tendency to slip off her shoulders because those joints are fused in place and she can’t just raise her arm to
slide the sash back on.  Usually, she just wears the T-shirt (and pants) with the scarf, and she loves the tee because it’s got a cute little “cheater” layered look to it – you can see the brown edging on her sleeves and the bottom of the shirt, but in this pic you can’t see the bit of brown fabric at the V neck which makes it look like she’s wearing a brown tee underneath.

This photo shows Miranda wearing her prized jeggings (and her mom’s crocs, which is just for pure silliness, LOL).  She would wear these suckers every day if she could.  Seriously her faves…  As for the shirt, she pulled it out of the summer clothing drawer in her dresser for the first time this season, and was immediately entranced by the little bows with beads attached which sit on the shoulders.

Finally, here’s Miranda wearing a dress we found while rummaging around a thrift store.  Seriously, almost brand new, and just gorgeous!  Miranda was truly delighted when we found this little number, which has a black net petticoat style liner and black velvet swirly patterns.  Extra good, and in fact essential, is the fact that the dress fastens with buttons up the back,
so Miranda can step into the dress and we can slide it up over her arms and shoulders (necessary due to the aforementioned shoulder fusions caused by FOP).

A final word – in addition to being interested in clothes, Miranda is a good student at school and likes softball and swimming.  She IS a well-rounded kid.  ;-)

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    Love it! She is just precious♥

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