Walk for FOP 2015

Posted by Karen - August 9th, 2015

Another year, another successful Walk for FOP… Woo hoo!

I’m delighted to tell you that our event this year brought in over $24,000! This is an amazing number, and will probably yet climb a bit this week after some last-minute contributions which I understand are on the way. We gathered these funds for the benefit of the Canadian FOP Network, a registered charity in Canada which financially supports research into fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.

Funny though, the whole thing started with a small glitch. See, we ordered these great T-shirts to wear on our Walk, and I think they looked great…


However, when we first looked at them, we didn’t actually count to make sure we had the right number – and it turns out we should have, because we were missing 5 kids’ sized shirts. Gah! We realized this just the night before the event, as we were sorting through the shirts. We had indeed been charged for them, but just never got them, and it was too late to pick them up by then. (Post-script – in the end the T-shirt company refunded the money for the missing shirts.) Luckily though, that seems to have been the only problematic bit. After that, it was all smooth sailing.

On the day of the event,we had amazingly good luck with the weather – it was a beautiful sunny day, but not too hot, so perfect for walking. Also perfect for my husband Pete and 13 year old son Owen to do the 100 burpees each which they had promised in the event of us raising over $20,000! Owen whipped through his pretty quickly, while Pete took a more… “gradual and measured” approach (though in the end he finished them all).



After the burpees spectacle, we all did our buzz around the lovely Baker Park. This is such a gorgeous spot, with lots of trees and right on the banks of the Bow River. Here’s our co-host of the event, Kathleen (along with her friend), showing how she got around the park…


The best part though was the picnic afterward. My brother Blair was the barbecue master, and did hot dogs for all.


We also enjoyed chips, pop, brownies, cookies and a surprise contribution of fresh garden snap peas from Kathleen’s aunt (SO yum).

Probably the best part though was spending time enjoying each others company. For instance, my daughter Miranda particularly enjoyed getting to know Kathleen’s nephew, a super sweet one year old cutie.

Kathleen's mom Karen, Kathleen, and Miranda with her new friend behind them.

Kathleen’s mom Karen, Kathleen, and Miranda with her new friend behind them.

Many, many thanks to all who donated to our cause, and to especially to all our friends and family who joined us for this incredible event. Last but certainly not least, a shout out to my friend Stephenie, who did the event in Vancouver in honour of her daughter, Alex, who has FOP. Stephenie managed to pull in a whopping $10,000 donation which very impressively swelled our total take! We are delighted to have had Stephenie and her family along for the Walk this year.

Here’s our Calgary group, in all our glory!

PS – if you’d still like to donate, it’s not too late. Our campaign will be open until the end of August. You can donate on-line at www.walkforfop.com, or drop me a note and I’ll let you know how to send a cheque (the better option for donations $100 or over, to save on website credit card fees).



Miranda, me and Owen, happy and tired after the Walk…

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