FriendsWithFOP Back affter 4-Day Outage

Posted by Alan - September 4th, 2015

The FriendsWithFOP website is back after a four day outage that began on Saturday.

The outage started with a wind storm in the Seattle area that took out a part of the fiber network where our server resides (which is also where all the cool kids hang out).

The circumstance is understandable, however the communication between departments at Frontier Communications has been bungled to “The Three Stooges” level.

The outage with Frontier has still not been resolved at the time of this writing.  “So how is this site up?” you may ask…

We switched from hosting our site from our personal servers to a Cloud-based Private Server.  We only get a small slice of a massive supercomputer, but that is still way faster than the Commodore 64 in my bedroom closet randomly mashing keys.

While the site is up, there are some images missing.  Our resident Closet Monkey is going through the backup floppies and uploading as necessary.

Seriously, though… we have many gigabytes of data to upload, and our local library really frowns on saturating a public network.

With this situation, I have a renewed interest in the site… so there may be new features and stuff.

So, now you know… and knowing is half the battle!

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