Research Donations

If you would like to made a donation to FOP research, you have a few different options, as follows:

1.  You can go to IFOPA and make a donation.  Here are facts published by IFOPA in their brochures and the May issue of FOP Connection:

  • IFOPA has contributed over $5 million in support of a treatment and a cure
  • IFOPA contributes approximately $500,000 annually towards the FOP lab
  • In 2007, 43% of the income for IFOPA came from personal contributions (37% come from special events, 10% from the symposium, and 8% from dues and investments)

The IFOPA will provide you with a receipt for your donation.  If you are an American, you can use this receipt as proof of a charitable deduction for income tax purposes.

2.  You can donate directly to the University of Pennsylvania.  This can be done on-line.  Go to, and click on either “Ian Cali F.O.P. Research Fund” or “Whitney Weldon F.O.P. Research Fund”.  UPenn will provide you with a receipt for your donation.  *** Both Americans AND Canadians can use this receipt as proof of a charitable deduction for income tax purposes.

3.  Donate to the Canadian FOP Network (“CFOPN”).  The CFOPN is a new Canadian FOP group formed in 2008.  The CFOPN was formed for the purpose of raising money for FOP research.  The CFOPN identifies scientists in Canada who are (or will be) conducting research on FOP, and donates to that research.  The CFOPN also donates to research at the FOP lab at UPenn.  To donate to the CFOPN, e-mail for further information.  The CFOPN is not yet a charity, but has applied for charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency and is awaiting word on the application.

Your donation will give Erin and Miranda a fighting chance at overcoming this crippling disorder.  The gene that causes FOP was found in 2005.  Different drugs/studies are currently being tested and are being looked at in the FOP lab that could possibly lead to a cure.  Please see if your company has a “matching gifts” program to non-profit organizations. It doesn’t take a large donation to make a difference.  Your donation WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. A difference in the lives of over 2,600 people stricken with FOP…including Erin Kate and Miranda.