Photo Album

Miranda 2008

These are photos of Miranda from age 17 months, just before her first known FOP flare-up, to almost 4 years of age.

Erin Baby Photos

Cute photos of Erin when she was a little nugget.

Erin's FOP Symptoms

All the signs of FOP were present and here they are documented through photos.

X-Rays and MRI

Erin had a bunch of x-rays, CT scans, and an MRI done. Here are some of the images that represent FOP.

Erin Pix

General photos of Erin

FOP Friends

The Friz family from Burnaby British Columbia came for a visit. Here are a few pictures from our get-together.

Erin's 3rd Birthday

Pictures from Erin's birthday party


Pictures of Erin's preschool


Various pictures of our stay in Nashville (Oct 2008)